Car AIr Conditioning Services


Car Air Con Service & Pipework Repairs

To undertake servicing a system ready for re-charging by vacuuming and pressurisation in order to re-charge the system takes approximately 2 ½ hours Thereafter to re-charge with a full charge of refrigerant according to manufactures recommendations takes but a few minutes.

We then carry out a final test and leave the Air-Conditioning System in good working order. In total this programme takes two to three hours to complete.

Servicing of your vehicle's air-conditioning system will ensure a long and trouble free life. Best practice includes:

  • checking oil and refrigerant levels where applicable
  • where applicable using service gauges to determine high and low
  • pressure settings and volume of refrigerant
  • checking the condition of flexible hoses
  • Re-gassing as necessary

In addition to the above. Once every 3 or 4 years the following should be re-placed

The OrificeTube. The Accumulator or Filter/ Dryer. Compressor oil replaced And if fitted the suction line filter.

The filter dryer should be changed whenever
[a] the system is opened
[b] when other components are replaced.
[c] It becomes blocked. This can be verified be checking temperature at its inlet and outlets pipes. Some filter dryers are now part of the condenser.

The shaft seal, should not leak, it is a seal, and leakage indicates wear. Shaft seals, depending on the make and model of compressor can be replaced and the same applies to the magnetic clutch and coil.

It is normal practice that work on removal and replacement of fan belts and other mechanical work that is not part of the Air Conditioning system are carried out by the client service centre

We will use our best judgement in all servicing and repair work. One such situation is when, after carrying out a leak test, "best judgement" indicates there is a small leak under the dashboard. To remove a dashboard is a major undertaking done usually by a main dealer and the cost can be as much as 4 days labour. Best judgement would indicate that the best practice would be to use an approved Air Conditioner Sealant rather than remove the dashboard.

This sealant is used throughout the industry. The approximate cost of the sealant would be £65 00 and save the four days labour cost, and the car is on the road the same day. A high saving.

It is recommended that car air conditioning systems be fully serviced once every three or four years.

Leak Detection

Leak/s of refrigerant can occur from pipe joints as a result of vibration, from ageing rubber hoses and 'O' ring seals, as well as through the seal on the compressor shaft.

Under EC Regulation 2037/2000 it is against the law to simply add refrigerant to a leaking system or to "Top up", as the expression is known, before thoroughly examining the system, locating and remedying all known leaks before adding refrigerant.

Therefore Best Practice Procedures indicate that we find the source of the leak and replace or service the component as part of a re-gassing service described below.

Re-Gassing Service

If your system refrigerant requires re-charging we will carry out an initial test to find out why, by:

  • Identifying the refrigerant used
  • Checking system and related components
  • Via a recovery unit (if needed), recover any refrigerant
  • Run a deep vacuum to remove any moisture
  • Leak test with the use of Oxygen Free Nitrogen for at least ½ hour
  • Charge with refrigerant as to manufacturers' requirements
  • Best practice principles require that we would recommend changing the dryer or accumulator during the above

The minimum time for the above is approximately three hours labour

Air Con Repairs

Car air conditioning systems are complex and have few self-service parts. Specialist equipment is needed both to service and repair systems.

Compressor Diagnostics

Compressor discharge temperature should checked and temperatures at the compressor head, evaporator coil and suction line, condenser coil and liquid line, should be surveyed, using specialist refrigerant equipment such as digital multimeters, pressure/vacuum modules and refrigerant gauges as well as electrical testers. If its possible also the fan motor and if fitted oil pump should be checked.

Accessibility to some of these parts is difficult so time involved will vary depending on the Air conditioning layout of the vehicle in question.

Car Air Conditioning Services will repair your Air Conditioning systems. We are able to get specialist advice for the very rare situation.